Do You Know What You Were Put On This Earth To Do?


Each of us was born with a life purpose. One of the most important things that you can do to guarantee success is to understand, acknowledge, and honor your purpose.
Brian Tracy once said, “Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all of your activities around it.” Once you understand what you are here to do, you can inject passion and determination into every action that you take. When you have purpose, things just seem to fall into place. According to Jack Canfield, “When you are truly and passionately on purpose, the people, resources, and opportunities you need naturally gravitate toward you.”

So, if everything you do should be an expression of your purpose, what if you don’t know what your purpose is?

Start by asking yourself to identify a job you would love so much that you would do it for free. Think back on all of the things you have done in your life that bring you the most joy. See, the things that bring you the most joy are typically most aligned with your purpose. Joy almost becomes your inner compass because it will tell you when you are off course simply through your recognition of the amount of joy you are experiencing when doing something.

After looking at the times you’ve experienced joy, search for a common element among those experiences. Can you figure out how to make a living doing these things?
Some people find it helpful to construct a life’s purpose statement. You can follow a simple formula to create your own:

1. List two of your unique qualities.
2. List one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others.
3. What does a perfect world look like because of the way you express these qualities when interacting with others (written as a statement)?
4. Combine all three of these sections into one statement.

Once you write your life’s purpose statement, post it somewhere you can see it every day. This will keep your daily actions focused on your purpose.

Every couple of months, evaluate your life’s purpose statement and rate your typical actions on a 1 – 10 scale as to how closely they support your life’s purpose statement. If you are below a 5, consciously lean into your purpose a little more each day. It may take time before it becomes second nature. But don’t get frustrated if you aren’t a perfect 10 right out of the gate. Think of it as developing muscle memory or any other worthwhile habit/practice. Keep at it and it will become second nature over time.

Purpose allows for an organized life. One in which everything you do supports your purpose and the joy you want in your life. If an activity doesn’t align with your purpose you shouldn’t work on it. With purpose as your guide, your goals and plans will provide fulfillment. They can’t not!



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