Life Lessons


I was going to wrap up 2016 with a blog post on life lessons. I spent time jotting a few down along with their importance and the take-aways from them. Because life is all about learning. And those who keep learning and challenging themselves have better lives than those who don’t. Because if you aren’t learning, you’re dying.

As I started to put fingers to keyboard, I had one of Jim Rohn’s lists pop up in my news feed. I’ve read it before, but it deserved another pass. It covers so many bases and does a much better job of highlighting important things to learn in life than I could do. So, I’ve decided to share his list with you instead.

1.       Learn to love mistakes.

2.       Say “yes” often.

3.       Less is more.

4.       Tell people how you feel.

5.       Learn to love change.

6.       You don’t have as much to lose as you think.

7.       Stop worrying so much about what other people think.

8.       Be honest with yourself and others.

9.       Meet as many new people as you can.

10.   Find time to be alone.

11.   Learn to ask great questions.

12.   Leverage what you’ve got.

13.   Make people feel good.

14.   Invest in yourself.

15.   Find something challenging that you love doing.

16.   Learn to love yourself.

17.   “Send the elevator back down” – Kevin Spacey.

18.   Enjoy the journey.

19.   It’s you versus you. That’s it.

20.   Take big risks.

21.   Rediscover who you were born to be and be that.

You can read the full article here. It’s an inspiring read and a useful reminder that life is too short to not embrace the items on this list. Reflect on this list as you review your 2016 and use it as inspiration as you move into 2017. Happy New Year!


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