“Everything is Figureoutable” – Marie Forleo


I love this quote by Marie Forleo. I love it partially because its true and partially because of the possibilities it holds.

I just watched the replay of Marie’s talk that she gave at Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions event. You can see the replay by following this linkI will also encourage you to watch the other speakers who have contributed to SuperSoul TV whenever you have a chance or especially when you just need a little boost.

Because I want to encourage you to watch Marie’s 20-minute session, I’m just going to make a few comments here. Watching it yourself is going to be so much more powerful than anything I can add in an overview but I do want to say a couple of things.

What you say in your head matters because your actions are shaped by what you believe. What if you truly believed in your soul that “everything is figureoutable”? What would you be willing to tackle? What would you be willing to try? What would you be willing to accomplish if you felt that nothing could stop you from moving forward simply because you didn’t know how?

We have this conversation at our house on a pretty frequent basis and it shows up in a lot of different forms. Sometimes it is in reference to a home improvement project. Me to my husband – “Do you know how to do this? My husband to me – “I’ve never done it before but I bet I can figure it out.”

Other occasions may surround issues like our daughter’s impending high school years. There are an overwhelming number of high school options where we live. We aren’t set on a specific one yet but know we want her to end up somewhere that is a good fit for her style and what she wants to accomplish after graduation. Some of the schools are public/free and some private/expensive. Some are down the street and some are an hour drive away. I’m not sure what we’ll do if she matches up with one that is expensive or far from the house, but I bet we’ll figure it out.

Adopting the “everything is figureoutable” mindset for your life can reduce stress, can move you from feelings of despair, brokenness, frustration, and feeling like a victim to one of courage, capability, hope, and empowerment.

I would love for you to take Marie’s challenge that she presents at the end of her talk and answer it in the comments below.  What would you do if you believed that “everything is figureoutable”?


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