3 Steps to Start Meditating


I know I used the word “meditating” in the title but I won’t lie to you, I don’t consider myself to be very adept at this thing called meditation. I’m a little intimidated by the practice and am a little intimidated by those who have perfected it. So this post is for those of us who are inspired by the thought of meditation but may not really know how to get started.

Because I don’t want to offend those women who have been incorporating this practice in their life for years, I don’t call what I do meditation – I call it my quiet time. Calling what I do by a different name actually takes the pressure off of me to have to do it perfectly and has allowed me to create something that energizes me instead of making me feel self-conscious about possibly doing it wrong. I mean I can’t be doing it wrong if I made it up, right?

My quiet time has become a very important start to each day for me. It allows me to come into alignment with what I really desire. On top of that, I often find that I will come up with new ideas or solutions to existing problems during my quiet time. I finish each period of quiet time feeling energized, encouraged, and determined to conquer my day.

Here are three steps you can take to create your own quiet time.

  1. Breathe.

I’m a terrible breather. What? How can a person suck at breathing, you ask? I’ll tell you how. I’m a very shallow breather. This keeps me from filling my lungs with the very important oxygen that they need to make my body function efficiently. Good thing I’m a sigher so I at least expel the bad stuff.

Because I know how important proper breathing is, I begin my quiet time just focusing on breathing deeply and correctly. This has two benefits for me. One – it means that I breathe properly for at least a couple of minutes each day. And, two – it calms my mind for step two.

2.Ask yourself these three questions.

Once I’ve spent a couple of minutes breathing, I ask myself the following questions.

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How will I feel when I get it?

I always ask myself the same questions but my answers are not always the same depending upon what is most important to me at that point in time. Although they are not always the same, I have seen some patterns in how I answer which has allowed me to gain clarity on what really is important to me versus what may be just some noise in my life.

For instance, I tend to always come back to abundance. I think because it can be seen in so many forms -An abundance of love, joy, happiness, energy, opportunities, resources, money, etc. It is important not to stop once you identify what you want. Take it one step further by also describing or visualizing in your mind what “it” looks like.

The next question will help you get clear on why you want something. I find that the why is more important than the what and definitely more important than the how of making it happen. If you are clear on your why, the how will come.

Wrap up your questions by thinking about how you will feel when you get what you want. Visualizing the outcome not only helps you internalize what you want but also helps you elevate your mood so that you can start your day on a positive note.

3. Practice gratitude.

We talk about the importance of gratitude all of the time. Being grateful for what you already have makes you a more positive person. It can make you a more productive person and quite honestly, just a better person.

In addition to being grateful, also use this time to find areas of your life where what you are seeking in your three questions already exist. For example, if you are seeking an abundance of money, recognize all of the areas where you have enough money for what you need and express gratitude for it. If you are seeking love, recognize all of the areas in your life where you already experience love and express gratitude for it.

The funny thing is, if you seek something it is because you already have it within you. Once you recognize that it already exists and are grateful for it, you allow it to grow even more.

These are my three easy steps for developing your own quiet time. The awesome thing is that quiet time doesn’t require that you sit cross-legged in front of candles or in a special spot. Quiet time can be done just about anywhere.

Instead of hitting your snooze button and then rolling over to go back to sleep for 9 more minutes, use those 9 minutes for quiet time. Practice your quiet time in the shower or on your drive to work in the morning. You can even do it as soon as you get into the office before you start your actual work day. No time in the morning to really focus? Practice quiet time before you go to bed each night. It’s your quiet time so do it when it makes the most sense for you.

I am now pretty much addicted to my quiet time and definitely notice a difference in my day should I have to skip it. I’ve found that even 2 minutes of quiet time is better than none at all. Maybe I will eventually step up my game and become a real student of meditation, but until then, I am at peace with my quiet time.


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